Business Mission



Continental Pharma Care Group, CPCG, is committed to improving the health and wellness of the people in the Republic of South Sudan and the greater East African community. We distribute and sell high-quality generic prescription and non-prescription (OTC) drugs, healthcare products, and healthcare services. We are able to offer quality products at low prices by forging partnerships with well-established international companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations who understand the mission of providing affordable healthcare to the poor segments of the population in this region. Our dedicated, experienced, and well-trained cadre of managerial and professional staff works hard to reduce overhead costs and enhance supply-chain efficiencies.

The Need


The East African region faces acute shortages of prescription drugs and basic healthcare services, especially for those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. For this population, the health indicators are grim. Infant and maternal mortality rates are among the highest in the world. The number of people dying from preventable and treatable diseases continues to increase at an alarming rate. The average life expectancy hovers around 45 years. These grim statistics call for approach to combating the problem, one that emphasizes building public-private partnership and improving supply-chain efficiencies in order to deliver medicine and healthcare services to those in need, at affordable prices.

The Solution

CPCG office

The grim mortality statistics call for approach that emphasizes building public-private partnership and improving supply-chain efficiencies in order to deliver medicine and healthcare services to those in need at affordable prices. These are achieved by entering into partnerships with global producers and distributors of generic pharmaceutical products and bio-tech companies, as well as leveraging linkages with other governmental and non-governmental organizations in the region. This business model enables CPCG and its partners to serve this population at a sustaining level of profitability.


CPCG office

Continental Pharma Care Group, LLC, brings under one roof an international generic company, a health and medical supplies company, and the “know how” of building up-to-date medical infrastructure. CPCG is raising a modern health service in the new nation of South Sudan. CPCG strives to be:

  • A leading distributor of high-quality generic products for global pharmaceutical companies.
  • A provider of other basic healthcare products and services and, in collaboration with the local communities, develop culturally-sensitive public health and wellness programs. These include educational, and social work efforts directed at prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • A partner with governmental, non-governmental and community-based organizations, in order to provide holistic healthcare and wellness services to the population.

The CPCG management team is comprised of seasoned professionals with a strong history of commitment to the new nation of South Sudan. CPCG works with FDA-approved manufacturers to obtain fresh quality medicines. We are fully licensed by the South Sudanese Drug & Food Control Authority.*

* and the Ministry of Justice,   the Ministry of Finance, Commerce, Investment & Economic Planning,   the Directorate of Taxation,   the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture,   and the Chamber of Commerce.